Robotics Training - Romanbo

Romanbo! Humanoid Coding Robot

The humanoid coding robot, Romanbo is a multi-joint robot in the form close to human.
With this Robotics Training course, It is possible to learn the robot variously from programming to science, dynamics and kinetics by the implementation of various motions.

Training Benefits

1. Romanbo! Humanoid Coding Robot

Using the differentiated coding program based on each modularized processor, it provides the best environment in which the user and the robot get close.
Learners will experience the coding course that accomplishes diverse education contents and assignments. It promotes creative thinking and raises problem-solving ability.

Robanbo Feature1

2. The humanoid is not difficult!

Romanbo Feature2

2. The humanoid is not difficult!

Naturally learning how to use the humanoid:
With step by step learning other than simple manual, how to use the humanoid is learned naturally.

3. Possible to learn even difficult contents with fun.

Ways how to utilize the robot are presented and interesting classes are held with various materials:
Possible to learn robot, the robot mechanism and program, coding theories easily and that with fun.

Romanbo Feature3

4. Diverse contents

Romanbo Feature4

4. Diverse contents

Achievement drawn by various learning contents and missions:
Execution of interesting missions will promote creative thinking and raise problem solving ability.

Course Outline

Age : above 8 Years
Lesson Length : 60 mins
Length of Course : 20 Classes
Class Type : Group & Private classes