Training @ IWE Center

Robotics Training @ IWE Centers in Dubai, UAE

Our Robotics Training Program

We offer the Robotics Training Programs at all our Training Centers, and at few of the School. Regular batches of Robotics training being conducted during week-days and at week-end days. We also conduct fast track Summer Camp robotics training program.

Robotics Training courses at Ideal Way Eduction centers

Our Robotics training center are located at Satwa and Ras Al Khaimah in Dubai, UAE. We offer Robotics training courses for Kids and School Students. It covers Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of our Robotics Training.

We support to source the Robo kits from M/S Roborobo, and our experienced Robotic Engineers will teach the Kids on Robotics and help them to work on lab sessions to Assemble and do Robotic Programing.

Each level of our Robotics Training Program as been split in multiple learning and Lab sessions and the Kids will able to complete a Level of training in a 16 weeks period. Our flexi timing options should allow the Kids to atten the robotics training during Week day hrs, Evening Hrs or during the Week-end sessions.

We offer Robotics Training completion Certificates to each of the Kid, after successful participation in the Learning and Lab sessions.