Training Process

Training Process - Robotics & STEAM Courses


"How do I learn the robot and coding?"
RoboRobo Education will provide the Answer.

Our Robotics Education

  • Enhances creativity and problem-solving ability by robot making and moving courses.
  • Enables to learn coding naturally by programming the robot.
  • Facilitates enhanced learning performance through various products and curriculum for each age group.
  • Enables various kinds of experience learning in association with robot, coding and STEAM education.
  • Considers the safety of our customers first and use products that comply with domestic and international safety standards.

Education Process

Through Making, Coding, Moving and Thinking courses, RoboRobo Education provides fun based Learning Education System while enhancing Creativity, Logic and Spirit of inquiry.

Training Process

R-STEAM Education System

STEAM Education: Refers to education that creatively implements, experiments, improves and continuously advances the educational model required to foster 21 century’s future talents by integrating traditional subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as liberal arts such as Language and Art into a framework.

R-STEAM Education: R-STEAM refers to robot utilized STEAM education, Interfacing a sensor board or robot to the program, simulation and animation of parts. It converts the learning environment for mathematics, physics, music, language, IT, robotic engineering, etc. interactively to realize interesting and creative education.

Training Process

Levels of Robotic Training

Ideal Way Education facilitates effective learning through RoboRobo Education Products and Curriculum structured by Levels for each age group. We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 learning curriculum available for Junior Kids to Higher School Students.

Level - 1

Pre-School and Low Age Entry Level

In this Level, childeren raise their understanding on the Coading through Visual, Audio and Touching Senses as seeing and touching the Program.

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Level - 2

Elementary to High School Student Extending Level

Story telling Steam education level that brings up Creativity and Problem – solving ability.

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Level - 3

Professional Fostering Level

The optimal education level that the differentiated coding program is used to get closer to robots.

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