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Raising Dream and Hope with Blocks, Robo Kids

In this Kids Robotics Training course, children can make models directly using blocks and circuits and express their potential and creativity.
While playing the block game, assembling and disassembling blocks as well as using various circuits, associated scientific and technical principles are explored and scientific logic will be enhanced.

Systematic education system that wakes up children’s potential

The Kids makes the desired Robotics Model as referring to the assembly diagram and operate the assembled model freely, which develops logic and mathematical thinking.
Using program cards to carry out various missions. While carrying out various mission using program cards, problem solving ability and teamwork spirit are raised.

Training Benefits

1. Cultivation of creative thinking

Composed of various Lego type blocks, the user can make various things he/she wants.
While making various Robotic models as a play, Imagination, Observation Power and Creativity are enhanced endlessly.

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2. Enhancement of cognitive ability

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2. Enhancement of cognitive ability

While assembling circuit blocks such as motor, sensor, CPU and remote control blocks, it is possible to learn the concept of the robotics, a cutting edge scientific technology together with games.
Moreover, you will see the games will enhance the cognitive ability while Observing, Planning and making shapes of various things.

3. Development of emotional intelligence

Rich sensibility will be raised as expressing various things in the daily life with blocks.
While personally deriving outputs, Immersion will be increased and Achievement and Confidence will be raised.

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Course Outline

Age : 5 to 7 Years
Lesson Length : 60 mins
Length of Course : 20 Classes
Class Type : Group & Private classes