Coding Story

STEAM Education - Coding Story

Coding world learning as playing! Coding, do not study, but learn as playing

Coding Story, together with Momo C

Coding Story, which raises creativity and problem-solving ability, is the storytelling STEAM coding education which children can learn easily and with fun.
It is the comprehensive coding learning system where children meet the world of imagination in the real world linking software and hardware.
You are invited to the imaginary world where everything is possible, Coding Story.

Coding, isn't it difficult?

Easy and interesting Coding Story is not learning complex programming languages but the educational content that raises children's imagination and creativity by learning coding easily and with fun as linking software and hardware.

Why is the coding education needed?

Coding raises the thinking of children.
Problem solving ability and logical thinking are raised while children directly program coding.

Training Benefits

Through coding, learn with fun, the scientific principle in the daily life.

1. Immersion raising creative teaching materials

Players in the Coding Story screen pop out of the screen and move freely.
Directly making the Mamo player enhances concentration and provides the sense of achievements.

Coding Story Feature1

2. Science common sense story in the daily life

Coding Story Feature2

2. Science common sense story in the daily life

Hidden science principles around are learned through coding and curiosity and motivation are stimulated.
Our students learning will be highly effective by using Custom Software, Creative Teaching Materials, Custom Harware and Step by Step learing Workbook.

3. Learning coding as like a game. Play with Scratch and Entry.

Children will naturally learn and play coding as programming using our custom software Scratch and Entry, will have fun.
Our student to learn these Software, use it for Animation games production and Playing with Assembled Creative products.

Coding Story Feature3

Course Outline

Age : above 5 Years
Lesson Length : 60 mins
Length of Course : 20 Classes
Class Type : Group & Private classes