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Electronics Adventure Leaving with Blocks! Twinkle Twinkle Electronics Training

Twinkle Twinkle Electronics Training is the STEAM Electronics education solution learning the electronics, which is the area in which children likely lose their interest due to its difficulties, as like play along with specific experiments.
Twinkle Twinkle Electronics Training lets children to overcome fears on electric and electronic areas with games and creative activities, and will further enhance application ability, thinking power and problem solving ability in harmony.

Fun Electronics Learning with Experiments

a. Electronics is...

Electronics is a science area that studies phenomena caused by electronic motions and application technologies on such phenomena.


b. Fun+Education

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b. Fun+Education

Composed as if playing with blocks, it provides electronic education contents with which children can learn difficult electronic principles with interest.

c. Terminal Block

It is an eco-friendly product even children can use with peace of mind. Since you don't have to solder it, it does not generate smoke and it is free of burn risk.

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Training Benefits

1. Systematic learning configuration

Through a well-structured workbook, you can systematically learn the principles of electronic circuitry, practical exercises, and problem solving.

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2. Scalability of electronic circuits

STEAM Feature2

2. Scalability of electronic circuits

The CPU used in the beginner course has been built to include over 20 simple operation programs. Depending on the robot, you can select the appropriate program to operate.

3. Fun and education at the same time

The education is composed as if playing with blocks. It is possible to easily and interestingly learn electronic principles which are usually perceived to be difficult.

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4. Terminal Block

STEAM Feature4

4. Terminal Block

It is easy and funny to construct electronic circuit by assembling using blocks.

Course Outline

Age : above 8 Years
Lesson Length : 60 mins
Length of Course : 20 Classes
Class Type : Group & Private classes